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Since 1978, Marcos Pizza has been delivering a quality and fresh experience to it’s beloved customers offering a variety of pizza and hearty Italian dishes to satisfy your taste buds, with fresh ingredients made in front of you. Now operating approximately 800+ locations in 30 states of the US and four countries, Marcos Pizza is becoming a popular destination for many when it comes to a quick and easy meal to treat yourself or the family.

How to take part in the Marco’s Feedback Survey…

The Marco’s Pizza company created the guest satisfaction survey to see how they were doing on a whole, and a way to improve customer satisfaction by delivering better products and services to the public. If you have recently visited a Marco’s Pizza location and would like to express your feedback to the company than the Tell Marco’s satisfaction survey is the best way to do so.


Participating in the survey shouldn’t take longer than several minutes to complete, and for taking the time out of your day you will be awarded a validation code upon completion to redeem the special offer printed on your receipt. It’s quick and easy to get started, and we will show you how in just a few simple steps;

  1. Head over to the official survey website found at
  2. Find your ticket and enter the time of your visit, followed by the Survey Code found at the bottom and click Start to begin
  3. Spanish users, click Espanol for an online translation
  4. You will be asked a series of questions about your visit, try to answer these as honest as possible as it will help them improve the services available in your area and surrounding locations
  5. Once you have finished, don’t forget to write down the validation code to redeem the special offer on your next visit to a Marco’s Pizza location near you.

Terms of Entry / Requirements

  • A purchase or survey invitation isn’t required to participate in the guest satisfaction survey, however, is welcomed, if you do not have a receipt and would like to leave feedback you can visit
  • Some personal data is required to gain an insight into customer behavior and may be used for in-house marketing purposes. If this is of concern to you, you can view the full privacy policy here.

Getting the most from your Marco’s Pizza visit…

We all love a good deal at our favorite restaurant so why not here? There are numerous deals and promotions available but are often hard to find due to the limited availability… we always recommend our users follow Marcos on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with the latest company news and promotions.

You can jin the eClub to get regular sale promotions delivered to your inbox for free and receive a cheesy bread for signing up. Alternatively, the Hot Deals section is the place to find some deals in your local area.

We hope you enjoyed your visit, and be sure to check out our other feedback surveys for more great ways to get free coupons and win big on store sweepstakes!


  1. Eddie L Garrett Jr says:

    Great pizza great service

  2. Eddie L.Garrett Jr says:

    Great service great pizza

    1. Myra Boysko says:

      Love your pizza !! I really like the way you cut the veggies and so fresh !!! 7/7/18 4:07 pm Marcos#1231

  3. Diane Lynch says:

    been trying to do the survey for several minutes it will not let me put in more than5 #’s so there goes my free cheesy bread am angry! I goe to Marco.s whenever I want a pizza love the pizzaHELP!

  4. Aniela Hadick says:

    I usually enjoy Marcos but last time not so much. The carry out order that I placed was not received the way that I had ordered it. Also,the “Family” sized Greek salad which is normally full with plenty of ingredients, was barely enough for two very small salads. there was only about one tablespoon of feta cheese total and about the same for the olives and peppers all of which were scattered on the bottom of the salad ( nothing like how its always been served before). SO disappointing! Normally this “Family” sized salad has enough for 4 nice sized salads. It looked and felt as though I had been given someones leftovers. The wings had very little sauce and they didn’t give me extra sauce in the flavor that
    I had ordered, but assumed Ranch (which I’m unable to eat) was to be the added sauce. To top it off, when I later looked at my receipt, the coupon that I presented to them for $3.00 off my order only had $2.00 taken off instead. First time everything’s been so messed up, but its enough to make me think twice or more before returning again! At its best it has always been a pricier choice. With what I experienced, it’s simply NOT worth it.

  5. Jorme newman says:

    my service was excellent

  6. Karen Turnbow says:

    Angela Hadick I think had a bad day, I get it that her order may not have be straight up the way she wanted it but that’s no reason for her to shame everyone,,, Is she more than human? Or are we less? I just know it’s not right for her to act like that…

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