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McDonald’s is a household brand name when it comes to fast food, being one of the oldest too; founded in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant. Throughout the years and organizational shifts, it’s quickly grown into the hamburger company we all love.

As the world’s largest restaurant chain, serving approximately 68 million customers daily in over 100 countries – it’s no wonder why the menu items are such quick sellers. On the menu, you will find an assortment of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, fries, desserts, and milkshakes for every occasion.

If you haven’t already dined at a Mcdonald’s restaurant I’d be surprised, but you can find more information about the company at where you can fill nutritional information, deals and find a Mcdonald’s restaurant near you.

So what is the MCDVoice website all about?


If you’ve recently dined at a Mcdonald’s restaurant and would like to leave your feedback to the company then this is a great way to do so… the survey was designed to help improve the level of communication with its customers so it can forever improve it’s level of service and products on offer.

For taking part in the survey, you will receive a validation code upon completion to get a free special offer on your next visit to a Mcdonald’s restaurant.

In just a few steps we’ll show you how to get started;

  1. Go to the official survey web page at
  2. Find your receipt and enter the 26 digit survey code found on the middle of your receipt and click Start to begin.
  3. You will be asked a series of questions about your visit, try to answer these as honest as possible as it’ll help them improve the service for you and it’s other loyal customers.
  4. Download the validation code to redeem the special offer on your next visit to Mcdonalds!

If you do not have a receipt with a survey code on, simply click the link and enter your store number, KS number, date & time of visit, items ordered, and amount spent. Click Start to begin.

Terms of Entry / Requirements

  • You need a valid receipt from your recent purchase at a McDonald’s location, with or without a survey code is sufficient.
  • Some personal information is required to complete the survey, which may be used for marketing purposes but not sold to third parties. You can read about how your data is used in the privacy policy here.

Getting more from your McDonalds visit…

If you are on Twitter or Facebook then it’s the best place to follow the company on social media to get the latest news, announcements and special offers directly on your news feed. Alternatively, you can visit the official website at and subscribe to the e-mail newsletter to get this information sent to your e-mail as it happens. It’s the easiest way to keep informed on what’s happening, and with regular deals posted online it’s the best place to be.

Mobile users can download the app for IOS or Android to never be short of a Big Mac where ever you are, along with more enhancements including promotions and more.

We hope you enjoyed your visit to McDonald’s and would love to hear from you about your experiences below in our discussion!


  1. I am always pleasantly surprised with how McDonalds never seems to change, over the decades I’ve visited it has stayed a happy place for a quick snack or fulfilling Big Mac and with the grandchildren I am starting to get a bit tired of the place but they won’t stop me from going back!

  2. Keep up the good work, I always go to McDonald’s and you get what you pay for, some of the new meal items are some tasty stuff… The staff do a good job and I never complain about getting money off deals 🙂

  3. patrick g. lay says:

    good food clean

  4. patrick g. lay says:

    good clean place to eat.

  5. Michelle Routledge says:

    We got served by Rebecca Dallas. At location 520 at Pull over roundabout. And We just wanted to say she served us But it so Refreshing and so happy to serve us she was so polite and helpful so very very Refeshing to find someone who is genuinaly nice and very good at what they do normaly when we go to Mcdonald’s we have people who are not nice and definatly Not friendly But Rebecca Dallas. Is Very Refeshing Due only to this We will use the Resturant again. She Restored our faith in your restarant when we lost all faith in your products and your staff. Many Many thanks Michelle and Mark Routledge

  6. Michelle Routledge says:

    Thank you again to Rebecca Dallas made our visit wonderful thankyou and the food was served Not thrown down on the table restored our faith in Mcdonalds many thanks to Rebecca Dallas. Due to her we will be coming back more oftern x

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