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Have you ever wondered why the chicken crossed the road? I think he was probably full up and decided to go for a stroll… but on another note, we’ll be filling you in about the latest KFC feedback survey and how to redeem your free coupon code to use on your next visit by participating in the feedback survey. This survey is for UK customers only, click here for US customers.


Since 1930, Colonel Sanders has surprised us with his great tasting Kentucky Fried Chicken with now more than 20,000 locations in the World and approximately 800+ restaurants. With the finger licking chicken being the #1 seller on the menu, you can also find an assortment of items to compliment this from fries, sides and something sweet to wash it down.

How to participate in the feedback survey…

You must have recently visited a KFC restaurant and still hold a valid receipt from your visit to participate, it shouldn’t take longer than several minutes to complete. Throughout the survey you will be asked some basic questions about your visit; were the staff friendly, how was the food, accessibility ok… just about anything that can be measured.

We’ll show you how to get started in a few steps;

  1. Head over to the official site at
  2. Find your receipt and enter the store number, date/time of your visit and order number to begin. Click Start.
  3. You’ll be asked a series of questions about your visit, try to answer these as honest as possible to ensure they can act on any problems that may have arisen.
  4. Once you have completed this, be sure to write down the validation code to redeem the special offer on your receipt.


  • Valid receipt from your recent purchase at a KFC location
  • Some personal info is required to participate, so be sure to read over the privacy policy should you have any queries.

Getting more from your KFC visit

The Colonels Club is available for regular diners, with the chance to get free food & drink along with exclusive offers. Collect stamps on your purchases of £3 or more, with 3 bonus points for signing up via the app. Collect 3 stamps for a free side, free snack for 7 stamps or £5 off with 11 stamps. If you like the chicken as much as we do, then you’ll be getting free stuff in no time.

The KFC app is available on IOS or Android and is a good way to keep in touch with the companies promotions and special offers near you.



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