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Dairy Queen also known as DQ is an ice cream and fast food chain, founded in 1940. With it’s motto being Fan Food not Fast Food, it clearly has a lot to say for it’s menu items with a following of treats, food and snacks for every occasion. If you haven’t already visited a DQ restaurant, I would recommend visiting them online at DairyQueen.com to see the full menu items, special offers and find a DQ near you.

So what’s the DQFanSurvey website all about?

If you have recently visited a Dairy Queen location and have a receipt from your purchase, you may well have seen the survey invitation code to participate in the customer satisfaction survey. This is a great way to express your opinions to the company, whether it’s good or bad they would like to hear your comments to help the improve the customer experience and satisfaction within their locations.


During the survey you will be asked some basic questions about your visit, and it shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete. Once you are finished, you will be given a validation code to write down and redeem the special offer printed on your receipt on your next visit to a DQ location.

Sound good? We’ll show you how to get started in a few easy steps below;

  1. Head to the official survey site found at www.DQFanSurvey.com
  2. Find your receipt and enter the 10 digit code, date and time of your visit.
  3. For Spanish users, click Espanol or Francais for French for an online translation of the survey
  4. Click Start to begin with the survey
  5. Continue to answer all required questions as truthful as possible, as it will help them.
  6. Once you have finished, write down your validation code and enjoy the special offer on your next visit

We do hope you enjoyed your DQ experience, and would love to hear your comments in our open discussion below. Don’t forget to see our other satisfaction surveys for more great ways to feel satisfied on your purchases and dining.


  1. Cornelius says:

    I see your website needs some fresh articles. Do you guys need a writer? I am an avid food and shopping fan

  2. Sylvia Collins says:

    I have tried – and tried – and tried – etc. and used every website but keep getting the message that I put in the wrong information. Why do you advertise this free mini blizzard and then not honor your claim. This certainly doesn’t make me want to go to this store.

  3. I started the survey to get a free Dilly Bar, but after seeing how long the survey was and that it was setting me up for lots of advertising I didn’t want, I quit and decided to just pay for my Dilly Bars.

    1. My comment is awaiting moderation???? Who is going to “moderate” it and why?

      1. Roy, there’s an awful lot of spam that comes through

  4. Brittany Kiser says:

    My visit to the DQ in Elizabethon Tn. Was thrilling…. I had great service, meet some very nice people,and the food was excellent. …I will be going back to that location,for sure…

  5. Thomas Gundrum says:

    No 19 digit code on my receipt.
    Store number; 013894-falco

    Don’t stop! It’s in calvert on Hwy 6 was told in the middle of the day that they weren’t cooking. Another time I went there and they weren’t serving ice cream…wth your Dairy Queen for crying out loud. Waiting on a part for their machine

  6. cindy breau says:

    did not get a code on my receipt to do survey just XXXXXX

  7. Russell Shaw says:

    You guys are cheep a sunday is more that ice cream anda toping. What happend to the nuts, woppecream, and a cherry hell mines well go to McDonald’s the are the same and cheeper shame on you and you use to be the best for ice cream now you are no better thay the rest. No special trips to go to dq for my family

  8. nellie a robles says:

    i sent my husband to get me a hot dog. hot dogs aren’t on the menu anymore. my husband said the girl who took his order was eating a steak finger while she took his order. very unprofessional. first they should shut down the one here in big spring, tx. at times it’s nasty, trash on floor and employees talking and not sweeping dining room. survey code is 018089-8520025-663011 dated 6/2/18 at 7:50 pm. svrCk222. my name is Nellie a robles, thank you. you should also have a policy no cell phone usage while on the clock. make a surprise visit and see what i am talking about

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